Theresa Poulton
Welcome to my web page and thank you for taking time to view my work and learn a little about my practice as a freelance artist.

Ok, where on earth did last year go? Already three months into 2019 and I haven't yet updated my news from last year or to date...guess you're all so upset.

Before telling you about last year perhaps I should let you know my good news...well in April 2019 I will be curating a group exhibition, Unfinished Business, at The Ex Libris and Long Galleries within Newcastle University. It is an unfunded project and my first solo curatorial experience. There are 20 exhibiting artists, some of which are international artists, five to be exact.

I also worked with the Fine Art and Architecture departments to organise a Public Lecture at Newcastle University. The talk will be delivered by exhibiting artist, Prof Tim Renshaw from Reading University.

How's this for a piece of text then? If you have time to read it then you will understand exactly why I wanted to curate my own group show in the North East of England.

2019 is the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus, the German avant-garde art school known for its functionalist approach to creative practice, founded by Walter Gropius in 1919. Modernism grew in the United Kingdom during the 1930s under the Bauhaus influence and its experimental approach is still evident in the twenty first century.

Theresa Poulton, curating Unfinished Business states: I was invited to exhibit in New Modern at Saturation Point, the online editorial and curatorial project space in London 2017. Several artists referred to the Bauhaus, to the return to modernism and questioned whether it had ever gone away. The experience was a revelation to me, a northern female geometric abstract artist, I no longer felt excluded and I wanted this conversation to continue. Unlike New Modern with it's reductive abstract brief and specific, modernist colour palette, I invited artists in Unfinished Business to consider the Heraclitus quote, No man ever steps in the same river twice... referenced in The Craftsman by Richard Sennett.

Unfinished Business forges another link on the continuum of modernism in which the teachings of the Bauhaus continues to have such great prominence.

Richard Hamilton, working with Victor Pasmore at Newcastle University, developed a 'basic course' for teaching, based upon ideas from the Bauhaus which introduced students to the concept of unity between art, craft, and technology. With this they disseminated modern abstraction for another generation of artists, assuring the Bauhaus would not become just a footnote in history.

What did I do last year?

I had a ball actually! I am thrilled to report that I showed in five group shows, three in the UK and with thanks to Dr Billy Gruner, founder of RNOP (Reductive Non Objective Project), the fourth group show was in Queensland, Australia.

My first exhibition of the year was as part of the continuing project Khyal: Music and Imagination at the Oriental Museum, Durham in January, followed by another exhibition in June at The Bhavan, asian cultural centre, London.

I was so pleased and flattered to be invited by artist Lothar Goetz to show in Fully Awake 3:5, a group exhibition, at The Royal College of Art, London, a real honour for me and my second experience of exhibiting with some very interesting artists in London.

Fully Awake 3:5 was such a lovely concept, a group exhibition featuring work by 36 artists that celebrates the inter-generational relationships formed by teaching painting in UK art schools. The curators invited 12 artists to submit a piece of work, these artists then invited two ‘guest’ artists to exhibit with them; an artist that they have been taught by, and an artist that they have taught. Curators Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye were a pleasure to work with and as you can see from the photos a riot of fun. I admittedly felt quite nervous and self-conscious and getting to the Royal College itself on the evening is a story worthy of telling.....but there really was no need for my anxiety as it was a very unpretentious affair, no hierarchy and a real learning curve.

The fourth exhibition was 'End of the Beginning' in Queensland, Australia and the year was rounded off with Khyal: Music and Imagination again reigning supreme...five exhibitions to proud to be part of that project with Durham University, this time at the Nehru Centre, Mayfair, London. With regards to exhibiting in 2019 I shall let you know where I end up at a later date!

Aesthetically and conceptually I have continued to develop my text based works; shifting between Arabic and Hebrew. Wahda works were developed because of my teaching experiences with the Syrian refugee community at the beginning of the year, whereas a whole series of A is for ALYAH drawings, mixed media paintings, sculptural paintings and wooden assemblages were influenced by my interest in the forgotten Jews of Ethiopia. One day I am certain that I shall visit them in Ethiopia or for those that have sought their right of passage into Israel I shall greet them in the Holy land.

As part of the Unfinished Business project/exhibition I have been revisiting my coffin template, Memento Mori architectural works – these drawings and paintings will be shown in 2019. However you will see them here next year, unless you visit the exhibition of course.

Work wise, I maintained a steady flow, teaching life drawing and working as a community artist in the region – something which I am extremely passionate about. I was also invited back to teach at the Hatton Gallery, this is always a lovely experience. I devised and facilitated a series of life drawing workshops alongside the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the Sunderland Winter Gardens – such a varied and interesting opportunity indeed.

I was asked to be lead artist on a community project for TWAM (Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums), the work was to be informed by The Hatton's Exploding Collage exhibition and Kurt Schwitters' Merz Barn wall. Artworks created by Chilli Studios artists and North Tyneside Art Studio (NTAS) artists for the joint ANONYM exhibition will go on show at The Bridge Gallery, Tynemouth, early May 2019. Trust me when I say how fabulous the work is, so much effort and enthusiasm has been put into this project. I continue to work with the Neuroscience Department at Newcastle University once a year, in 2018 I was invited into the department to deliver a lecture. As a result of this two Psychology students are currently shadowing me at NTAS.

Long may my success continue.

Many thanks to Paul Richardson for his work on this website, much appreciated.

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Chilli Studios

The Hepworth, Wakefield

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Durham University Music Dept


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Newcastle University MFA Final Show 2013


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