Theresa Poulton
Welcome to my web page and thank you for taking time to view my work and learn a little about my practice as a freelance artist.

Ok, where on earth did last year go? Already three months into 2018 and I haven't yet updated my news from last year or to date...guess your all so upset :)

Before telling you about last year perhaps I should let you know my good news...a couple of weeks ago I got a random request for my email and mob number from the very lovely artist, Lothar Goetz, although we are in contact, this was really unexpected. Why had Lothar asked for my contact details? I'll tell you why...he had nominated me for the Jerwood Visual Arts exhibition, London, October 2018, I was so flattered and very shocked, this was a genuine bolt out of the blue. Lothar was a lecturer at Sunderland University whilst I was doing my Fine Art BA, he still is actually, and he taught me how to make crisp, tight, painted lines; I like to refer to him as the 'King of Slick', because his hard edged work is so well executed, he's a wonderful colourist too.

From 72 nominees there will be 15 artists selected so there's no guarantee that I'll get any further than the first hurdle, there will be some tough competition too, but hey, I'm going to give it my best shot! Got to be in it to win it!

What did I do last year? I moved studio, that's what I did, and it caused bloody chaos for me, I was uncertain that I would even have a new studio this time a year ago, however in March 2017, NewBridge studios moved to Carliol House, lock, stock and barrel and I went with them....yeee haaa! Actually it was quite a difficult period in my life, mentally it was quite draining; I struggled psychologically, but hey ho!

The first painting I made in my new, now shared, and dearer rent studio, titled ENVIOUS OF..., is kind of a distraction/transitional painting, a return to an older work from 2013, Big Orange. I'd considered various ways of modifying it, I wanted to introduce a more free-hand drawing approach: no masking...of course, as per usual the control soon crept back in! Not a massive departure from previous works, subtle changes and clearly there was KHYAL influences but ultimately it is a hybrid; have a look and see what you think? I continued to develop my text based works and at times I tried in vain to make more reductive abstract paintings.

Work wise, I made a decision to resign as a committee member for the CGGB (Colour Group Great Britain) Northern Chapter, after all I had organised a group show, gave an art talk to students from Newcastle University's Neuroscience Department in 2016 and 2017. I arranged a group visit to meet lead archivist, Gary Malkin, from the Baltic Library/archives too, I simply felt that there was more important things in my life; volunteering with Sudanese refugees was one of them.

I had a great year with North Tyneside Art Studio (NTAS), thankfully they employed me as a sessional art tutor for most of the year. This was fantastic as it gave me the opportunity to build on my professional relationship with studio artists and staff members - they really are a fabulous organisation to work for.

Oh, we had a group show at the Wooden Deli, North Shields, and for many of our members this was a real achievement as they had never shown their work before.

Regarding exhibitions, in October I was so pleased and flattered to be invited by artist Deb Covell to show in a group exhibition, New Modern at Saturation Point, this was a real honour and my first experience of exhibiting with some very interesting artists in London. Admittedly I felt quite nervous and self-conscious but there really was no need as it was a very unpretentious affair, no hierarchy and a real learning curve. The second Khyal: Music and imagination exhibition happened at the New Walk Gallery, Leicester, unfortunately because of work commitments I was unable to go, however I was informed that it was really well received.

All in all 2017 was a fruitful year, slow taking off, little steps, nevertheless there was a steady flow of new community teaching experiences, a development in my practice, and new opportunities to show outside of the region...what more can a mature artist ask for?

Long may my success continue lol

Many thanks to Paul Richardson for his work on this website, much appreciated.

North Tyneside Arts Studios

The Hepworth, Wakefield

Colour Group GB

Durham University Music Dept


Journal article Collusion of Colours, Jan 28th 2014


The Newbridge Project


The Customs House, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

Newcastle University MFA Final Show 2013


The Atkinson Gallery, Millfield Summer Show 2013