Theresa Poulton
Welcome to my web page and thank you for taking time to view my work and learn a little about my practice as a freelance artist.

I thought this news section was going to be relatively short but I've realised it's not!!! Not sure if anyone even reads it, nevertheless, it's here in black and white, my whole year unravelled for you to ponder over.

2019 was a very rewarding and productive year for me as an artist, my work load increased and I was fortunate to be involved with several different independently taught art projects. I love teaching, passing on my skills, in the words of Martin Luther King, Education will set you free.

Starting from the beginning of 2019 I was extremely busy, I had thrown myself into an exciting project, Unfinished Business, I suppose I was challenging myself, stepping out of my comfort zone. Actually, the idea for Unfinished Business came about after exhibiting at the Royal College with Lothar Goetz and Paul Huxley RA, also for being nominated by Lothar for an exhibiting opportunity at The Jerwood Space, London, both in 2018.

Projects and Teaching Opportunities -

ANONYM was the first project of the year, I worked on behalf of TWAM but I had sole leadership on the project.

The two community groups I worked with were Chilli Studios, Newcastle and North Tyneside Art Studios (NTAS). Working with Chilli was a relatively new experience, however, I have worked with NTAS for many years now. Of all the organisations I have worked with, dare I say that NTAS are my favourite, they allow me a lot of freedom and have backed all of my ideas.

As part of the NTAS workshops as I was also invited to work with participants from Walking With, a Wallsend art group for Refugees and Asylum Seekers – this was a wonderful experience, the language barrier wasn't an issue, we had so much fun and I learnt a lot from the group. The work which all three groups produced was on show at the Bridge Gallery – Tynemouth Station.

Another exciting experience was teaching a series of life drawing sessions at the Winter Gardens, Sunderland. The sessions were informed by the Leonardo da Vinci works which were on display in the gallery. The works from the Royal Collection were marking the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest artists and scientists the world has known. At the private view I even met one of the Queen's Royal Aids...what a laugh.

Towards the end of the year I was invited to work at the Hatton Gallery again, this time I taught a one-off session with L-INK, a group of young people who work with the Laing Art Gallery. In addition to this workshop I was asked to deliver school/college workshops and I also devised and delivered six participatory art sessions on behalf of Equal Arts for their Dementia group.

Another teaching opportunity I have created is to work on a voluntary basis with the Keser Primary School for Jewish girls in Gateshead, without the introduction from fellow artist, Sara Cooper, this wouldn't have been possible. The Keser school is attended by Orthodox Jews, it's an independent school too so I am sure that I will learn a lot about the Jewish faith - a subject which I have had an interest in for some time. Meetings with Mrs Salomon began in 2019 and I'm currently waiting for start dates.

Curating –

Unfinished Business was possibly one of my most exciting art related experiences to date, it was an unfunded project and I was the sole curator. In general it was to commemorate the Bauhaus Centenary and a way of thanking artists whom I have exhibited with. All of the 19 artists donated their work for free, some travelled from as far away as Australia to be at the Private View. It was a genuine honour to exhibit alongside so many amazing abstract artists.

Exhibitions -

What a year for exhibiting – please see the main page for my list of exhibitions.

Artist Talks - In Feb 2020 I gave a presentation about my journey during and after my BA in Fine Art at Sunderland University, this was an honour for me, I was so I flattered to be asked. I am really pleased to say that I was approached by Margaret Adams from Explore to give a talk about my practice and experience of working as a community artist. I was very excited to give the talk as it was also in celebration of International Women's Day 2020.

Artist Assistant -

Two fabulous opportunities arose from exhibiting with Lothar Goetz, I was his assistant for two site specific painting installations: MIMA – Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art and The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University. He taught me well and I can't thank him enough for showing me the ropes.

Many thanks as always to Paul Richardson for his work on this website and his support to my practice, much appreciated.

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